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How to Make Money Online with YouTube
How to Make Money Online with YouTube

How to Make Money Online with YouTube

YouTube, the world’s most popular video streaming platform, is great for watching videos and listening to music. However, with a little creativity, it can be used for other, more financially rewarding purposes. You might not strike gold by using this popular website, but you can definitely make money online with it. Below you will find some ways you can make money online with YouTube.

The YouTube Partner Program

If you already have an account on YouTube and have started posting videos, you should consider joining YouTube’s Partner Program. Once you join the program, YouTube will start placing ads that play along with your video. In exchange for this, YouTube will pay you a percentage of revenue generated from the videos. While not tremendously much, over time this money adds up. The Partner Program even offers members a tool that can help them create an audience.

The more popular your video is, the more you are paid. Because of this, try to post valuable content on a regular basis to increase the chance of being paid. If you are substantially creative, one of your videos might go viral. This will significantly increase your revenue. The best thing about joining the YouTube Partner Program is that it is a passive way of making money online. After joining, you do not have to put in too much effort into it in order to be paid.

Video Blogging

Video blogging is an alternative to standard blogs. People who own an online business can use video blogging to make their company more popular. All you need to keep it running is a YouTube account and a webcam. Make short videos about yourself, your career, and your business. Try to post on a regular basis. It does not have to be every single day. Once every week or so should do it.

Make the videos related to your products or services. However, try not to sound too sales oriented in your videos. People tend not to appreciate someone who is only trying to sell them something. Be as honest as possible. Try to give your audience advice and useful information. Also, ask your visitors to comment on what they would like to hear about next from one of your videos. This shows that you really value their opinion. Clients like to be asked for input. It helps you establish a relationship with them.

These types of videos are a great advertising tool. You can increase your business exposure with very little effort and no money at all. Consider that people from all over the globe use YouTube on a regular basis. It is little surprise that video blogging on YouTube is one of the fastest and easiest way of making yourself heard in every single corner of the world.


These are just a few way in which you could make money online by using YouTube. These ideas will not necessarily make you rich. Nevertheless, they will increase your income. The best thing is that they do not take too much effort and they are completely free to use.

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