Thursday , 27 November 2014
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Twitter Tools to Enhance your Online Business Marketing
Twitter Tools to Enhance your Online Business Marketing

Twitter Tools to Enhance your Online Business Marketing

Twitter is one of the most popular social media marketing platforms available today. Initially, people used Twitter to tweet, re-tweet, follow and be followed. Its use has become more sophisticated for many people, primarily because of some great software tools that have been developed. Following are some Twitter tools to enhance your online business marketing:


HootSuite is a free tool designed for management of multiple Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and accounts. It allows users to automatically send Tweets on a scheduled basis and view their Tweets and the Tweets of others in an organized way  for marketing purposes.


CoTweet is also a free and easy to use tool designed for management of up to 5 Twitter accounts with a single login. It allows for keyword and brand monitoring through the use of Twitter search. The most distinguishing feature of this Twitter tool is the workflow management features. This means that whenever an @ respond is delivered into an account, users can assign it to someone on their CoTweet task for response. Notification will go to the other person’s CoTweet page or to their email address.


EasyTweets is not a free tool, but it is a cheap one. It is designed also for management of multiple Twitter accounts. This Twitter marketing tool also allows users to automatically publish RSS feeds as well as track RSS traffic through Google Analytics. This means that you can track traffic from Twitter much easier and you get to understand what other users do when they arrive at your website.


Tweetdeck is a free desktop browser that helps users in keeping track of Twitter and other social networking activities from different accounts. It offers similar features found on those tools mentioned above. It allows for account updating, topic following through saved searches, and conversation management using @ responses as well as TweetDeck direct messaging. This Twitter tool offer other sophisticated features as well, like it lets the user watch YouTube and record, watch or share video clips. Since this tool supports mobypicture, Twitgo and Flickr, users can now also view and share images.


PeopleBrowsr is a Twitter management tool that allows users to have a simple and easy browser-based dashboard view of their social networking activities. This tool utilizes an interface very much identical to email. Use of this tool also allows users to create groups and manage them as well, by simply adding private or public tags to other users even from other social networking sites.

Twitter Tools Can Enhance Your Twitter Marketing

With these Twitter marketing tools managing and online presence is now a very simple thing to do. There are of course many other tools that are available for everyone to use. Some are free while others come with a price tag. The important thing here is that users need to make sure what tool or tools will offer the most advantages for their businesses based on their needs.

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