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Why Social Bookmarking is Essential to Making Money Online
Why Social Bookmarking is Essential to Making Money Online

Why Social Bookmarking is Essential to Making Money Online

Social bookmarking is an online service that allows users to add, edit, annotate, and share bookmarks of various web documents. The social bookmarking phenomenon has been around since 1996. However, it has really taken the spotlight in Internet marketing over the past few years. The following information discusses what social bookmarking is all about and exactly how important social bookmarking it is in making money online.

How Does Social Bookmarking Work?

Presumably, every Internet user is familiar with the concept of finding a website they like or need and bookmarking it in order to find it again later. Social bookmarking is, in a way, just that. One of the most important features of social bookmarking is tagging, a term introduced by Delicious, one of the first websites dedicated to social bookmarking. However, instead of saving links to your browser where only you can see and use them, the links are saved directly to the web. Social bookmarking also allows users to add descriptions so that other people know what the link is about before accessing it.

Social bookmarking helps you share your favorite websites with other people who might use them. Social bookmarking also allows you to see what other people have liked and find something you yourself might use. You are probably already doing social bookmarking on sites like Facebook, and did not even realize it.

But Can It Really Help You Make Money?

Everyone asks this question in earnest. The simple answer to the question is yes. However, it all depends on the amount of effort you into it. Social bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit and Delicious can play a crucial role in driving traffic to your websites. In turn, if you are able to effectively harness this traffic, you could convert it into sales. This way could help you make money online.

Is Social Bookmarking Essential to Making Money Online?

There are numerous other ways in which one can make money online that do not include social bookmarking. Nevertheless, if you really want to make the most out of it and maximize the residual income you earn, social bookmarking truly becomes essential.

Considering that using this method is relatively easy and it does not require tremendous amounts of effort invested, it would be a pity if you did not introduce it in your online money making process. Think of it this way: applying for a social bookmarking website does not cost one penny but, in the end, it can help you generate a decent income.


The purpose of this article has been to clarify some important aspects pertaining to social bookmarking and its importance in making money online. Social bookmarking is an essential tool for anyone interested in earning a residual income mainly because it is one of the easiest and less time consuming methods of generating targeted traffic.

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