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Myths about Search Engines Demystified

Myths about Search Engines Demystified

Search engines such as Google may seem pretty cut and dry, but quite a lot goes into which websites come up in which order with general keyword searches. There are many myths about how to optimize your search engine results, but they are often untrue on a few levels. Learn which myths are incorrect so you can effectively improve your website’s search engine results.

Anyone Can Master Search Optimization

While with time and effort, most people can learn the inner workings of search engine results, it is still a highly involved process. Most site owners do not have the hours in the day it takes to manage search engine optimization (SEO).  Hiring an expert will be well worth your time and money. Your time is valuable, and you do not really need to be an expert in the field unless that is something you wish to pursue. Hire a professional, and reap the rewards.

More Links Are Better

Linking to other sites will help you out in the long run. However, search engines are smarter than they used to be, and they can tell when you have simply created a page full of assorted links. If your website is about cooking, do not provide a handful of links to dog breeding sites. More is only better if the links pertain to your page topic. Relevant links will help improve your search engine results, along with helping you build relationships with other website owners.

The Power of Metatags

Metatags are visible only to search engines, allowing them to spot specific keywords and determine the relevancy of a page to your website. Site owners quickly figured out that overloading a page with Metatags full of random keywords could generate higher search engine results. Google’s response was to assign Metatags far less importance. When you use Metatags, keep them reasonable and related to your content.

You Can Pay for Your Rankings

Many online advertisements claim that for a specified amount of money, you can substantially increase your site’s ranking or even obtain a number one rating. This is simply not true; no one can promise you a ranking. You get what you work for, and that is why marginal fees produce marginal results. If you could buy rankings, other people would be paying a great deal more for them than what current ads promise.

More Keywords, More Hits

Logic implies that since search engines rely on keywords to rank your page, using more keywords will assign your page more importance. This is not true. In fact, using too many keywords can flag the search engine’s security programming, and it will ignore your page altogether, or even worse, end up putting you on a search engine blacklist. Good luck getting more traffic when no search engine will display your site. Basically, you do not want to try to cheat the search engine system. Just work with it and produce quality content.


Overall, you want your site to reach the right people. Search engines help both the researcher and the site designer find each other based on relevant keyword searches. By following search engine protocol and not trying to cheat the system, you will be able to enjoy higher traffic on your website.

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