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How to Design Your Home Office
How to Design Your Home Office

How to Design Your Home Office

Having the right home office is important in terms of your own productivity – particularly if you work from home on a full time basis. If you’re about to set up your office for the first time or are planning on redesigning your office to get more done during the day, there are a couple key considerations.


How your furniture is arranged and set up is one important component of the proper office set up. Ideally all of the important components of your office as you work should be easily reachable from your desk. That would include your file folders, computer, computer supplies, and equipment such as printers and a telephone. When it comes to a telephone, if you are on the phone for long periods of a time, a good investment would be a headset so that you can talk on the phone and work on your computer taking notes at the same time.


Although many people may not think of supplies as a part of the design of an office, supplies are important. Have the right supplies to help you get and stay organized and you will be more productive. If what supplies to have on hand is a question, consider a labeler to neatly label all file folders, books and drawers. You will be amazed and how organized you will feel with such simple items as a labeler. When it comes to home office design and supplies if you use supplies to act organized you will be more organized.


Lighting is critically important. You need the proper light for your desk but one that does not cause glare on your computer screen. You also need good overhead lighting to light about your overall work space. You might want to consider halogen lights with a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the lighting depending on what is going on in your office.


When designing your office and picking furniture, research correct height for your computer and for the accompanying chair. Since you will probably be at your computer for many hours having ergonomically designed furniture will cause you to be less tired when you work.


Nothing can be more distracting than a messy work area or difficulty finding the files and supplies when you need them. When it comes to storage don’t skimp on file drawers and equipment. You will be filling and working with documents for many years. The small investment in proper storage will more than pay for itself in terms of your own productivity.

Getting Started

By simply taking the time to consider the right storage, furniture, lighting, supplies and overall layout, you’ll develop a design for an office you will enjoy working in and being in for many years to come. Proper planning and preparation for your new office doesn’t take that much time and is well worth the effort. If you are unsure of the right layout for your office, simply consult many of the online and offline resources available to you to help with the design process.

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