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How to Make Money Online by Selling Your Own Stuff on eBay

How to Make Money Online by Selling Your Own Stuff on eBay

eBay is one of the largest online global marketplaces, with millions of sellers and buyers currently active. If you have always wondered how some people manage to make money online on eBay, you have stumbled upon the right article. Following you will find out how to make money by selling your own stuff on eBay.

What You Can Sell

In order to make money on eBay, you of course have to have something to sell. You can merchandise collectibles, stuff you make, or goods that you can buy at a low price and resell to make a profit. If you have any skills in the crafting department, such as painting, sewing, and so on, this could be a good starting point for your selling career on eBay.

Try to keep your focus on products of the same kind because this can help you build a reputation in the eBay community. The products you are merchandising should not resemble a yard sale, but rather they should show that you have a valid business plan in mind. Additionally, make sure that the products you are intending to sell are easy to package and ship, so as not to have any surprises later. Think everything through before you actually open your account and start posting products for sale.

How to Sell


EBay offers various ways for sellers to merchandise their products. One option would be to set up a standard auction. You can set a starting price and customers can bid on the product to determine its final price. You can select the number of days you wish you auction to last, typically 5 or 7 days. Standard auctions are most suitable for unique items or collectibles, because these are the types of products eBay clients tend to bid on.

Buy It Now

Another option involves using the “Buy it Now” mode. Here, you set the starting price and as soon as someone agrees on it, the product is sold. There is no auctioning involved and you have no control over how long it takes for your product to be sold. This type of selling is more suitable for items that you have made yourself or products you have an unlimited supply of.

Ebay Store

There is also a third way of selling on this popular website: by using an eBay store. In exchange for a specific monthly fee, you can set up your own online store that potential customers can visit. With an eBay store, you are in charge of advertising and you have to be the one that drives traffic. This option is most suitable for people who are committed to their selling career on eBay and who have renewable stocks of products.


Selling your own stuff on eBay can be a great way of making money online. You may not get rich over night, but with determination and perseverance, you could end up making decent revenue. Follow the tips presented above and you will soon be making money from selling you own stuff on eBay.

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  1. Selling stuff online is a great way to make some extra money! There are great ways to generate a full income as well. Of course, the biggest thing of all is just finding a system you feel comfortable with, and then getting started!

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