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How to Deal With Stress as an Online Entrepreneur

How to Deal With Stress as an Online Entrepreneur

Being an online entrepreneur can be very rewarding if you are successful at it but whether you are just starting out or highly successful, stress is always a factor. Adequate stress management can lead to a more successful business, better relationships with family and living a happier life. Here are some ways how to deal with the stress of being an online entrepreneur.


Regular exercise is a known helpful antidote for stress. It provides a way to unwind and come back to the task at hand with renewed energy and focus. Key to any exercise program is consistency. One good way to be consistent is to set aside the same time each day to do exercise. Another way to make sure you exercise regularly is to fully understand the reasons why it is important. Knowing the reason for anything can help you stay focused to achieve.

Frequent Breaks

Sitting at a desk for too long is proven to contribute to poor health according to recent studies. Make a point to take a ten minute break every hour from your work. Although the time may seem to make you less productive, the opposite is actually true.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for accomplishing no matter how simple. You can reduce your stress by enjoying simple rewards from good results from your online activities. Good feelings from rewards will reduce your stress.

Stay Focused

Working on the Internet can be too distracting. If you aren’t careful you can reach the end of the day wondering what happened and why you did not accomplish anything. To reduce stress you must learn to discipline yourself to stay focused on the task at hand. Nothing is wrong with exploring other possibilities and information not relevant to your current work as long as you make sure you only spend an allotted period of time doing that.

Vary the Work

Interesting work reduces stress. Not all work that needs to be done is interesting but if you vary the work you are doing and mix interesting work in with work not so understanding you will not be as stressed as the same monotonous work hour after hour after hour.


Just sitting at the computer all day not interacting with real people can become stressful. Humans were made to relate to each other and, although you can communicate with others online, nothing takes the place of real in person communications. Devote time each week to meet people in social settings. Pursue a hobby. Join an association. It is important and healthy to make the times to interact with others.

You can Manage Your Stress

Like anything , stress management is a skill you can master. Although the results from stress management may not seem immediate, nothing is more important than your ability to manage the stress that is part of being an online entrepreneur. Resolve today to take some positive actions to more effectively managing your success. You will be glad you did.

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