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How to Earn Money Online Through Domain Name Parking

How to Earn Money Online Through Domain Name Parking

Domain name parking is the registration of a domain name without utilizing it to host a website or to implement email addresses associated with the domain name. Purchased domain names that are parked can be monetized by placing advertising on the domain and being paid based on the number of people who click on the advertising links at the parked domain.

Brand new domain names never used by anyone else and expired domain names which become available overtime can be purchased and used to make money online through domain name parking. One benefit of expired domain names is that if there was traffic to that domain in the past some of this traffic might come to this same address potentially improving on the monetization of this domain.

How are domains parked?

To park a domain, you should register with a parking company that will show you the steps required to park the domain. One simple step in the process is to change the name servers for the domain you wish to park. A name server works similar to a phone book and records domain names related to specific computers or IP addresses.


One key to successful monetization of parked domain names is traffic. Sending traffic to parked domains using advertising is not permitted by parking companies. However, you can get natural traffic by buying domains that already have traffic. You can determine traffic to domains by using such tools as Alexa and Google’s external keyword tool.

Picking a Parking Company

Most people work with a parking company based on results. They will try different parking companies and compare the monetary performance from each parking company. Factors to consider in selecting a parking company also includes how long it takes a domain to load, what type of tracking tools the parking company uses and how long the parking company has been in business. Also, consider what type of layout options the parking company provides.

How to Decide if You Should Get Involved In Domain Parking

Is domain parking a business opportunity you should pursue? One factor to consider is how much money you plan to invest in parking domains and what you can expect in return for your investment. Compare this to other ways to make money on the Internet. In addition, consider if this is the type of business that matches your own temperament. Domain name parking is a more passive approach to earning money compared to Internet marketing that requires a more proactive approach to earning money.

Investigate the domain name parking business by seeking out and talking to those who are successful at this business. Interview representatives from several domain parking companies and ask them what information they have on making money in this type of business.

If you decide to get started in this business in the beginning, do not invest a lot of money in a large number of domain names until you see how quickly you can monetize your investment in domain names. Keep good records of how much you invested in purchasing domains compared to commissions you generate. Domain name parking can provide an easy stream of income if you go about it in the right way.

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