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How to Make Money Online As an Infographics Designer

How to Make Money Online As an Infographics Designer

Data visualization is one of the most interesting elements of social media. The latest trend in this sector are infographics, images that present information in a highly compressed, yet easy to understand format are among the most widely shared elements on the Internet. This raises a simple question for any adept graphics designer: (how) can you make money with infographics?

Why You Should Expand Into This Market

At its core, infographic is a marriage of two elements: information and graphics. Without either, it ceases to exist. While researching and compiling information for an infographic can be considered easy, especially if you’re aiming for broad strokes, rather than narrowly focused, in-depth briefings, framing it in an appealing design is considerably harder. A talented graphics designer that specializes in infographics can earn a fair amount of money, provided that he’ll find an employer who recognizes his worth.

Building a Reputation

In order to be hired, you need to be noticed. There’s no better way to be noticed than to produce high quality infographics. Your best bet is to focus on creating interesting infographics and sharing them as widely as possible. Most likely you’ll be doing this for free or in exchange for modest compensation. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put in every effort to make them the best infographics on your hemisphere. Focusing your skills and efforts helps build up a sizable portfolio that can be used to impress potential employers.

Finding Jobs

With a steadily expanding portfolio in hand, your chances of succeeding in finding a good employer. Data visualization jobs vary from full time positions at various corporations to individual contracts where you are creating a specific infographic. Many such jobs are posted on freelancer job websites, such as Elance, FreelanceSwitch, oDesk, and similar. The common denominator is that you are working for someone to fulfill a predefined vision, rather than having full creative control over what you create. As such, if you desire artistic freedom, it’s better to seek out new clients on your own.

Approaching New Clients

Perhaps the best way of making money is to approach clients yourself. This is increasingly easy in the age of digital communication, but the ease of access has not translated into ease of convincing. You need to educate your potential client on the benefits of investing in an infographic, their value in promoting a company through social media, and finally, sell him your idea for an infographic. Make no mistake: you are pitching a product and establishing a professional relationship that can profit greatly down the road. 

Bottom Line

A graphics designer is an asset to pretty much any company. In the fast developing corner of infographics there are ample opportunities for a talented designer to earn money and thrive. However, the tricky design inherent in infographics and fickle nature of Internet audiences mean that focusing on designing infographics can be described best as a somewhat risky endeavor. Yet it can also generate ample returns as well. 

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