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5 Tips to Maximize Your Adsense Earnings

5 Tips to Maximize Your Adsense Earnings

AdSense is one of the primary sources of income for bloggers. However, even if you have a wildly popular blog, monetizing it with AdSense may not always generate the revenue you expect it to. The reasons can be several and nearly all of them can be fixed with proper planning and approach to your AdSense monetization campaign. Here are five ways you can use to maximize the earnings on your blog without compromising its usability.

Check the Ad Arrangement

One of the key elements of effective advertising is placement. Look at the layout of your blog with a critical eye. Do advertisements catch your eye in an unobtrusive way or in the natural way of the content? Are you noticing the ads at all? In general, advertisements in the sidebar of a blog are among the least effective as most readers tend to just flat out ignore them. You can compensate for this by making them more prominent. On the other hand, advertisements placed in or near the header work very well and tend to catch the reader’s attention. You can also experiment with ads inside your blog posts, but be cautious. Many readers find them obtrusive.

Mix and Match

There are many different types of advertisements. What is important, these types have different costs-per-click (CPC) associated with them. Choosing the highest CPC advertisement may seem like a valid strategy, but you should mix them with less profitable advertisements too. Image-heavy ads may seem most attractive, but descriptive text advertisements are often more effective when it comes to convincing users to click on them. You should also exercise caution when choosing the number of advertisements. A high number of advertisements can turn off visitors, leading to a lower click-through rate and revenue.

Focus on High Paying Advertisers

By blocking low paying advertisers from your blog you can increase your AdSense revenue easily. You can easily determine which advertisers you want to show on your blog through the AdSense account, in the aptly named Allow & Block Ads section. Of course, exercise caution. Depending on your target audience, the most high paying advertisers may not be relevant to the subject matter of your blog, resulting in less readers clicking on them.

Attract More Visitors

There’s no escaping that. The higher the volume of traffic on your website, the higher the chance of a visitor clicking on advertisements and generating revenue for you. You can attract traffic through a variety of methods, including better search engine optimization, expanding into YouTube and social networks, and more. The added bonus is that added traffic generates more exposure, which can turn into even more traffic. A snowball effect is one of the most powerful events you can experience in online money making.

Keep Experimenting

In the rapidly changing online money making market, adaptability is key. As such, be ready to continuously change and adapt your blog to conform to the current trends and keep the content fresh. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the configuration and placement of advertisements on your blog either. There is no ideal solution, only iteration, iteration, and… iteration.

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