Wednesday , 26 November 2014
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15 Online Resources to Always Be Thankful For as an Online Entrepreneur
15 Resources to Always Be Thankful For

15 Online Resources to Always Be Thankful For as an Online Entrepreneur

Making money online is not easy. Without these resources, it would be pretty much impossible. These resources are often taken for granted. However, where would you be if they suddenly disappeared or some started asking for payment? Here are 15 resources to always be thankful for making your life and work easier.

1. Google

No list of online resources can do without mention of the most popular and powerful search engine on the market. Known for its “Don’t Be Evil” motto, Google also offers dozens of other services that became a staple of online life.

2. Gmail

Google’s official mail service deserves a separate mention. Combining an intuitive interface with a powerful functionality, it’s absolutely essential for anyone with an Internet presence, if only to benefit from its spam protection.

3. Facebook

Calling Facebook a staple of social marketing would be a tautology. As the flagship of social networking, Facebook room remains one of the most powerful platforms for building up and engaging your audience.

4. YouTube

A website dedicated exclusively to posting and sharing videos is one of the most powerful resources you have at your disposal. From tutorials to opinion pieces, it’s one of the most useful places on the world wide web.

5. FreelanceSwitch

One of the largest and most powerful freelance work websites. Covers absolutely every aspect of working as a freelancer, both the good and the bad sides.

6. Moz

Well known to any online marketer, Moz is one of the most popular resources for search engine optimisation and online marketing. Insightful blog posts, reliable learning materials, and tons of great content to help you promote your web page make it one of the best online resources on the way.

7. Google Trends

One of the most important tools in search engine optimization and engine marketing. Trends tracks the popularity of search terms, allowing you to identify niches to target. Without it, marketers would be like children in the mist.

8. Copyblogger

Talk is cheap, but writing doesn’t have to be. Copyblogger is an excellent site for the aspiring copywriter, offering plenty of insight and good learning materials to sharpen your writing skills.

9. U.S. Copyright Office

Plagiarism is the bane of every creator. The U.S. Copyright Office should be your first stop when it comes to checking for copyrighted material and protecting your own works.

10. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Regardless of what your occupation is, you need plenty of writing to make your mark on the Internet. The Merriam-Webster is the industry standard for magazines and publications, allowing you to be sure that what you write is how it should be written.

11. Skype

The benchmark for Internet telephony, Skype is one of the most widely used applications facilitating communication. The ability to communicate with anyone at a moment’s notice is indispensable and so is Skype.

12. PayPal

At the forefront of digital payments is the PayPal. If you ever had to bother with making international money transfers, the elegant simplicity of the interface and straightforward service are a blessing.

13. Dropbox

Forgetting a pen drive with important materials is never fun. Dropbox allows you to remove that risk by giving you the ability to synchronize files between different computers and easily share them with others.

14. SourceForge

Knowledge is essential to success online, but sometimes you have to fix practical problems. That’s where Sourceforge comes in. As one of the largest repositories of open source software on the market, it offers programs for pretty much any purpose, from office suites to game engines, to database administration software.

15. WordPress

By far the simplest and most intuitive method of launching websites without having to dabble in HTML and related code languages. WordPress enables everyone to have a professional-looking website.

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