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10 Internet Giants That Started Small

10 Internet Giants That Started Small

You make think it is impossible to make it big online when you are such a small entity. That isn’t always the case. Most of the Internet giants that you know today started small and grew gradually into the titans of industry that you know them as now.

10 Internet Giants That Started Small 

There are many great examples of Internet giants that started small, but there are several that serve as the best possible inspiration for you and your online business. By looking into their business models and the way that they handled their own business, you will find the best ways to make money online.

1. Apple

Ten years ago, Apple introduced the iPod. Today, Apple is having updates several times a year, pushing out the iPhone that everyone absolutely has to have, and having regular conferences that everyone within the business world looks forward to. If you are looking for the best ways to make money online, use Apple as one of your greatest inspirations.

2. Yahoo!

Yahoo! was started by a pair of young men and incorporated in 1995. It started off just as a web portal that offered a directory of services, and eventually evolved into the search engine giant and information database that it is today.

3. Wikipedia

If you are looking for one of the best ways to make money online, Wikipedia should be one of your top models. Wikipedia was founded as a simple off-shoot of Nupedia, and now is the largest anonymously edited online encyclopedia on the Internet today.

4. Twitter

Twitter was founded in a simple brainstorming session held by a board meeting from the podcasting company Odeo. An undergraduate student, Jack Dorsey, came up with the idea for SMS messaging as a social media target, and now it is one of the largest and most active social media outlets today.

5. PayPal

PayPal started out as a merger between two different companies, Confinity and as an Internet financial services company. When eBay began to utilize Paypal’s services, its usage boomed and financial transactions began happening in a much larger volume until it became the financial payment giant that it is today.

6. Google

Google began only as a research project by a pair of students at Stanford. The mathematical properties of the Internet were considered in the process of making Google, and eventually, this enormous giant was founded. Its story, in and of itself, hosts many of the best ways to make money online.

7. Facebook

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates as a simple method of getting in touch with other Harvard students. This expanded rapidly, and became one of the most active social networks that we have in our modern era. You could watch the movie ‘The Social Network’ to gain more inspiration from the conception of Facebook.

8. eBay

eBay started out as AuctionWeb in San Jose, California. It was just part of his much larger personal site, and amusingly enough, one of the first items sold was a broken laser pointer. This opened the eyes of its founder Pierre Omidyar into realizing that there are collectors of everything online, and eBay was further expanded.

9. Blogger

Blogger had the humble beginnings as a tiny company called Pyra Labs. It was just three friends that promoted the company and helped it get off the ground, before working with Google in order to further the concept of its blogging model.

10. YouTube

YouTube was founded by several employees of PayPal. Its early headquarters was even located underneath a pizza restaurant and Japanese restaurant. Google’s acquirement of YouTube speaks volumes of how far this humble company has come.

The Best Ways to Make Money Online is to Learn, Learn, Learn

There are a number of other business success stories online, but you cannot ignore these particular giants and their successes. Use them as models that anything than happen and pursue your own online business success story thoroughly.

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