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How to Make Money Online by Writing

How to Make Money Online by Writing

One of the most attractive prospects for pretty much anyone is making money by writing. This is especially true for online writing: you earn money with your words, without having to set your foot outside the house. After all, you have all the research material you’ll ever need at your fingertips and writing is as simple as opening a text editor and letting the creative energy flow. However, while writing is indeed easy, converting it into hard cash is quite a bit harder. While there are plenty of legitimate ways to earn money online by writing, this is a very competitive field, precisely because writing is so easy.

Writing Articles

As the world Wide Web relies on original content, there is a consistent demand for new articles. Companies regularly post advertisements for writing jobs, usually on dedicated freelance websites like oDesk or Elance. However, you should be aware that you will be facing stiff competition. As such, it is a very good idea to build up a reputation for yourself and create a portfolio. The possibilities are practically limitless. Online review sites, blog posts, free articles for websites accepting submissions, all can be used to create an impressive portfolio. What you should focus on is demonstrating a breadth of skills and writing styles. A good portfolio can be the difference between being rejected and getting hired.

Ebook Publishing

An alternative to writing is publishing ebooks. There are plenty of possibilities in this area, the most notable being Amazon’s own KDP: Kindle Direct Publishing. Although the price of a single sale is usually much smaller than the price of a good online article, a well written ebook that gains popularity can be, indeed, very profitable. You may also choose to ghostwrite ebooks for other people, though you will have to face the same rivalry as when competing for article writing jobs. Of course the ebooks market is just as competitive, if not more. With millions of books in circulation you need to invest quite a bit of time and money to make your ebooks stand out and gain popularity.

Monetizing Blogs

You may already be an accomplished online writer. If you have a blog, you can monetize it by using advertisements, like Chitika or AdSense. In order for this to be profitable, you need to be popular, which means providing truly original content regularly. Again, this is a field that is very competitive and requires quite a bit of effort. Your best bet is to target a particular niche, rather than try to squeeze into occupied mainstream markets.

Bottom Line

These are just three of the many possibilities for earning money online through writing. Succeeding in this market is hard. Although minimal requirements are correct grammar and legibility, to truly thrive as an online writer you need to combine talent with meticulous research and interesting subject matter, as well as little bit of luck. As such, you can gain attention and prosper as a writer on the Internet.

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