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Top 9 Sites to get Freelancing Jobs Online
Top 9 Sites to get Freelancing Jobs Online

Top 9 Sites to get Freelancing Jobs Online

If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, then you should definitely consider going into the freelancing business. With so many opportunities just a click away, it would be a real pity not to tap into this market and get a piece of the pie. If you are new to online freelancing, following you will find the top ten websites that can help you get freelancing jobs.



This website is great for both beginners and advanced freelancers as it has a multitude of job offerings to choose from. After registration, you are required to pass an admission test and verify your identity. Afterwards, you can browse through categories of jobs and starting your biddings in order to entice potential clients. Elance will charge a certain fee out of your bid, usually between 4 and 6%.



Another popular freelancing website that has a great array of job postings you can choose from is oDesk. Unlike the previous one, oDesk does not charge the freelancer any fees out of the bid, but the employer is required to pay 10% out of the total bid as commission.



The name of this website speaks for itself and on it, users can bid on a variety of freelancing jobs, such as writing, programming, or marketing. Freelancer offers a variety of payment options, including PayPal, wire transfers, or Freelancer debit cards.



Founded in 1999, Guru is one of the oldest and most popular freelancing websites on the Internet. If you choose the free registration option, you will get a limited number of bids each month you can use to get jobs.



Fiverr works a little bit differently than other freelancing websites: the freelancer is the one who posts the gig he is willing to do and the clients order that particular job. The gigs can only cost $5 (hence the name of the website).

Get a Coder

Get a coder

This is another freelancing website dedicate to the IT and programming enthusiasts. It is one of the oldest of its kind and it has thousands of contractors just waiting to give you an assignment.



iWriter is somewhat of a late bloomer in the freelancing industry, as it was founded in 2011. However, it has grown rapidly in popularity and is a favorite for many freelance writers.

99 Designs


This freelancing website is dedicated to those passionate about web designing. If you are good at drawing logos, banners, and coming up with designs, then this is the perfect website for you.

People Per Hour


People per hour is a popular freelancing website with numerous types of jobs to choose from. Here, contractors can get a job done in less than an hour.


These are the ten most popular freelancing websites, in no particular order. There are plenty of other freelancing services out there, but if you are just starting in this line of work, you should definitely check these out first.

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