Thursday , 27 November 2014
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Six Offline Techniques to Build Traffic for Your Blog

Six Offline Techniques to Build Traffic for Your Blog

Owning a blog can be very stressful, especially when you put so much work into it and feel that people are just not noticing your site. Online, you can do a lot to attract more visitors to your blog. There are also several ways to increase your blog traffic offline that you should be aware of.

Talk About It

Word of mouth is the cheapest and easiest way to direct attention to your blog. If conversation steers towards something you wrote about once, do not be afraid to mention it. Of course, let the topic steer in other directions, but there is no harm is bringing up your blog when relevant. When you make new contacts, mention your blog, and see if it peaks their interests. This method of self-promotion costs you nothing and can dramatically increase your blog traffic.

Business Cards

Word of mouth is effective, but often people forget a web address they have only heard once. When it comes to self-promotion, nothing beats an old fashioned business card. People will run across that business card again when cleaning out their pockets or going through their wallets. Either add your blog address to your current card or create a whole new one just for promoting your writing.

Post Your Blog Address on Everything

Absolutely anything you print out and distribute, from real estate flyers to book marks, can include the web address to your blog on it. Just add a friendly tagline introducing what your blog is about, so people are not confused. If the print topic is related, simply add something to the effect of “Learn more about this at [web address].” If the topics are not related, you can still promote your blog with a tagline, such as “Interested in [blog topic]? Visit my site at [web address]!”


When not actually writing your blog, take time to research new possible topics. Carefully observe your surroundings, talk to interesting people thoroughly, and take notes on your thoughts. Anything can be research, from writing down your dreams to trying to experience new things in your city. Quality content will increase your blog traffic more than anything else. Promoting an uninteresting site will lead you absolutely nowhere.

Take Some Risks

When getting your feet off the ground, it can be tempting to play it safe when it comes to blog topics. Of course, crowd-pleasing topics will always provide good blog content. However, you want people reacting to your blog. Controversial topics are an incredibly effective way to achieve this. The readers who disagree will create traffic on your blog, ironically. Share your opinions, popular or not.

Hit the Papers

If you think people have finished with newspapers, think again. Many people are unfamiliar with the vast blogging community, and if you appear in the local paper you can introduce those people to your blog. News media in any form can capture attention for your blog.


A great deal of work and planning goes into a successful blog. Some solutions are as simple as producing more quality content, while others require a surprising amount of self-promotion. If you apply proper marketing techniques to your blog, you will increase your blog traffic and overall impact.

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