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Six Free Online Techniques to Build Traffic for Your Blog

Six Free Online Techniques to Build Traffic for Your Blog

When it comes to making money through blogging, traffic is everything. Visitors convert to ad views, ad views convert to revenue, and revenue converts to profits. Yet sometimes, despite creating and publishing truly original content, your blog seems to be rooted in place. Apart from regulars, you seem to be getting no new visitors and as a result, the revenue stream is turning into a barely noticeable trickle. Here’s how to remedy this problem.

Social Networking

If you don’t already have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, you should consider establishing one. An official page for your blog can help you boost traffic and reach out to new audiences. Of course, this isn’t as easy as simply making a page and letting it lay there. You need to be active on the social network, engage users in conversations, establish relationships with other, similar pages, and more. Simply put, you need to remember about the social, not just the networking.

Commenting on Blogs and Forums

One of the most effective methods of promoting a website is by word of mouth. Of course, years of dealing with spam and overt advertising have left much of the Internet population allergic to advertising. As such, you need to make sure that whatever comment you make in order to promote your own blog must hold water on its own. A good rule of thumb is to write a good comment or post, enrich it with information and sources, and only then consider how to mention your blog. Do remember that in order to reap fruit, you have to be really active and make at least several such comments each day to get the traffic moving.

Publishing an Ebook

One of the least appreciated forms of gaining exposure and generating traffic is ebook publishing. While you can write an ebook from scratch, often it is enough to gather the best posts from your blog and create a report. Add unique content, review and improve the articles, and ensure a professional design before publishing it through any of the free ebook publishing platforms or giving it away for free.

Optimizing for Search Engines

Sometimes even the tiniest amount of SEO can help generate traffic. Basic Search Engine Optimization is quite easy and can be done on your own. There are plenty of free tutorials available on the web, with Moz being perhaps the best place to start. Go over your blog entries and make sure they are up to date and optimized. That way you can easily boost your traffic.

Redo Your Website

Maybe your blog is rich in content but the presentation is lacking? Look at it with a critical eye and consider commissioning a professional web designer for a makeover. A fresh look and professional graphics can make all the difference, especially if they load faster and respond better than your old look and layout.


While you may be an excellent writer, expanding into new markets can be an interesting challenge and good opportunity to boost your website’s traffic. A video blog on YouTube that compliments your blog is just one of many possibilities, as is your own Pinterest board.

Bottom Line

Generating traffic for a blog is a long term project that requires a lot of time and effort to work. These six free methods of boosting traffic work well alone, but in order for them to be truly effective, combine them all into one, highly effective project.

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