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How To Make Money Blogging by Creating a Sticky Blog

How To Make Money Blogging by Creating a Sticky Blog

The answer to the question how to make money blogging highly depends on the stickiness of your blog. When you are creating a commercial blog, it is imperative to make sure that you create a blog that is sticky. Being a sticky blog means that it attracts visitors to your blog and keeps them there for a long period of time. By doing this, you will have a much higher rate of return customers, and will build a successful blog in the long term.

10 Resources To Help You Create A Sticky Blog 

There are several different resources and ideas available to you online that will help make your blog sticky. You want to be able to do this so that you motivate your readers to stay on your website while exploring the different pages of your website. By doing so, you create a much larger customer base and this will help you succeed in how to make money blogging online.

Easy-to-Use Navigation

The first resource for helping you create a sticky blog is right underneath your nose and in your coding: making sure your navigation is easy to use on your website. Maintain the same  navigation on every page and you will create a much easier, more low-stress experience for your readers and make them return to your blog repeatedly.

Simplicity is Key

When learning how to make money blogging by creating a sticky blog, you will quickly find out that simplicity is key. The greatest resource to you is a website that is easy to navigate, and keeping things simple and easy to read will be a great benefit to you.

Website Tours

Offering a guided tour of your website online will be extremely beneficial to your readers. Many of them will appreciate learning how to get around your website, and you will see a great number of them returning.

Offer Background Information About Yourself

Readers that come to your blog will appreciate knowing more about the blogger. More often than not, if they know about the background of the blogger, they will stay on your website longer and be more interested in your content. If you do not feel comfortable providing your information, you can provide information about your company or business.

5. Continuous Updates

The more you update your blog, the more you will see how it is crucial in finding out how to make money blogging. The more updates to your blog, the more your customers will return to your website to see what new content you have posted. Make sure you update the blog with unique, original and relevant content.

Archive Your Posts

Your visitors will want to see your newest content, but they will also want your posts from the past. Make your archived posts easily accessible for your customers to find when they visit your blog again. You could do this by including an ‘archives page’ as done on this website.

Read More: See our Archives Page here.

Link Testing and How to Make Money Blogging

Another one of your biggest resource for you is making sure that your links work. Without this, your customers will have a great difficulty finding their way around your blog and will be far less likely to come back and see more of your content.

Go Over Your Site With A Fine Tooth Comb

If your website is buggy, your customers will be far less inclined to come and visit it once more. By going over your blog and proofreading it extensively, your customers will have a much more enjoyable experience and generally be more inclined to visit your blog again.

Trust Is A Great Resource

If your visitors feel secure on your website, they will be much more inclined to return. Establish trust by offering secure user systems and making sure your blog is virus free.

Give Your Visitors the Power

Make your blog interactive and make sure that your visitors can get what they want out of your website. Make it easy for them to find what they want on your website, to get in touch with you, and in general be able to manipulate and control the blog’s features to their liking.

Sticky Blogs Make More Money

By having your blog be sticky, you will make a great deal more money and establish a much greater business presence online. In general, making sure that your blog is sticky will be one of your greatest resources.

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