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7 Blog Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Blog Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are a lot of mistakes you can make when you start up your new blogging website, and you may not even realize you are making some of them. When in doubt, it’s best to go over your blog with a fine-tooth comb, and you will see the difference in your user turnaround when your site functions in a seamless manner.

7 Blog Design Mistakes You Should Avoid 

It’s easy to make mistakes when you are starting up a new blog, but they are avoidable if you know what to look for. When you are learning how to make money blogging, you will see through trial and error what works best for you, but it’s good to get off on the right foot when it comes to simple blog design issues.

Is Your Navigation Frustrating?

Unfortunately, if your user base cannot find their way around your website, they will generally click the back button and never come back. This can be the most costly mistake you make when it comes to design features, and when you are wondering about how to make money blogging, you should never skimp on making your navigation user-friendly.

Can Icons And Toolbars Work Against Your Design?

To go along with confusing navigation, you should never have too many user toolbars or random icons on your blog that can confuse your users. Doing so just makes them frustrated, gives them too many options that they don’t need, and clutters up your blog rather than making it look professional and easy-to-read.

What If Pages Are Slow Or Bulky?

A feature that will make your users click immediately away from your blog is to have pages that are slow and bulky. Text-based content in general loads much faster for most of your users, so try not to clutter your pages with too many images. A blog is all about your content and being able to access it, so keep this in mind when designing your pages and thinking about how to make money blogging.

What About The Main Subject?

If your users cannot figure out your primary blog subject, they will not stick around for long. Stick to a certain topic, a certain field, or at least make it clear what the main type of content you will be discussing on your blog is. This will draw users from the correct demographic to your blog and keep them there.

Where Can’t Ads Be Placed?

Ads can help you make quite a bit of money blogging, but do not overdo it in such a way that it is messy and interferes with the elegance of your blog design. Doing so will deter your readers and make them find another blog to read sooner rather than later.

Can Color Choices Be Wrong?

One of the most often-overlooked aspects of your blog design is making sure that the color choices are easy-to-read and easy on the eye, and also, relatable to your blog content. If your users come to your blog and cannot read your writing due to your poor color choices in design, they will leave immediately.

What About Designs Not Related To Content?

Make sure that your blog design is at least in some way related to your blog’s content. For example, don’t write a blog about business and have a design that features a lot of cats unless your business is actually about cats. It doesn’t make sense, and you want to have a brand-able image that your customers will recognize.

How to Make Money Blogging With The Right Design Choices

The right design choices will keep your readers on your blog, and help you gain a continual user base. Unfortunately, blog design mistakes will do the opposite, but this is all easily avoidable when you know what mistakes not to make.

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