Wednesday , 26 November 2014
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How to Find the Perfect Clickbank Product to Promote

How to Find the Perfect Clickbank Product to Promote

Clickbank, one of the largest digital marketplaces that connect affiliates with product owners, offers many information products that there are opportunities to promote products to a wide variety of target audiences regardless of their interests. The only problem with the massive number of Clickbank products is picking from the thousands of products available. Here are some tips for picking the right Clickbank offering to sell as an affiliate:

Products That Will Deliver

One Clickbank strategy is to look for a product that does not only appear to be making a lot of sales but also one that will give you a considerable profit. When you want to see the number of people who are profiting fairly from a product, consider the product’s gravity. Gravity defines the number of unique affiliates who are promoting a product with the date they last promoted the product as well. A high number would indicate that there are more people who are selling the product. A product with a high number of gravity, however, does not automatically assure great profit. A relatively safe number for gravity would be a gravity score over 40 but not exceeding 100. One more than 100 indicates that there are probably too many promoters for this product making it difficult to stand out from the competition.

When it comes to commissions, a sale that earns a little more than $20 but is still close to $30 is safe because it indicates that the product is performing and the effort and money you spend promoting it is not wasted.

Familiarize Yourself With The  Marketplace

Study the Clickbank Marketplace and evaluate statistics for each product shown to assist you in selecting what you want to promote. Consider a product that earns ongoing commissions such as a membership site that charges a monthly membership free.  Membership sites cover a wide range of topics and often appeal to a niche market.

The easiest way to find products that have recurring billing is to search using the billing type “recurring.” How much you make from a recurring item depends on how long the average customer keeps paying for it.

Follow Your Passion

Don’t just pick a Clickbank product because you think you will make a lot of money from it. What is important is picking a product that is aligned with your interests. By doing so you will be more motivated to consistently market it. Consistency is one key for success.

What to Do Next

First, explore the Clickbank site to better understand how it works. Also watch some training videos you can find on YouTube to learn more about the process of promoting a Clickbank product. Develop an initial strategy to drive potential customers to your affiliate link. Monitor your results and test different strategies.

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